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What Makes a Guy Hot in Your 30s

Sick abs and bad boys were what we went for in our 20s…but once a woman hits 30, ain't nobody got time for that! Gym rats need not apply–give us a man with a spare tire and a receeding hairline–that's what mama calls a loyalty badge! The ladies of JustBoobs Sketch scope for man-meat while doing yoga in the park….see what kinda men get the women hot and bothered. Find out–what makes a guy hot in your 30's?!

Written & Produced by JustBoobs Sketch: Melissa Rojas, Elizabeth Bond & Kate McDaniel & Stephanie Carrie (
Directed by Anne Gregory
Special thanks to AwestruckTV (
DP: Davey Vorhes (
Editor: Marta Bender (
1st AD: Andrea Rutherford
Sound: Matt Pacult
Elizabeth Bond, Stephanie Carrie, Kate McDaniel, Melissa Rojas, Brian Patrick Murphy, Nick Bush, Craig Cox, Daryl Johnson, & John Lin
Thank you to Molly Kunz and Joe Carlini for the use of their sexy vehicles!
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JustBoobsSketch Logo by Carin Agiman (
JustBoobsSketch Photography by Johnny Shryock (
MUSIC – All tracks are from the Epidemic Sound library that we have the right to use through our YouTube partnership with AwestruckTV.

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