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Top Content On The Internet This Week

As Memorial Day weekend gears up, it ‘s important to make memorials to all the great stuff that ‘s on the internet this week. Well, luckily we at Funny or Die have a great tool to do just that, appropriately named The Funny or Die Top Content On The Internet The Week Leading Up To Memorial Day Weekend Machine and it ‘s turning on right now. Even better, you ‘ve chosen the deluxe option, so all the content is from Funny or Die! What a coincidence!

Break Room Secrets Your Coworkers Don ‘t Want You To Know

I tell my coworkers everything that pops into my head so this video isn ‘t really that relatable, but I do live in the break room so it ‘s very very relatable!

Break Room Secrets Your Coworkers Don’t Want You To Know

TEXTperience: Help Your Friend Remember What She Drunkenly Did Last Night

If only this TEXTperience had existed last weekend when I told my friend about that ‘thing ‘my ‘ ‘didn ‘t ‘did.

The Best Safe Space For Women Was Made By This Man

Like major brands social media accounts reaching out to teens through #slang, and white people trying to market things to other ethnic groups, what could ever go wrong with men making and marketing safe spaces to women?

The Best Safe Space For Women Was Made By This Man

George W. Bush Paved The Way For Our Next Stupid President

There ‘s a 1-in-3 chance we get another stupid president, so buckle in and read up.

11 Above-Ground-Pool GIFs Worth Diving Into

Summer is coming with a splash and these GIFs are hereto prove how wet it ‘s gonna get.

15 Actual Preachers React To The Pilot Of AMC ‘s ‘Preacher ‘

Ugh, all my preacher watches is The 700 Club and Buffy reruns ‘not fair cool preachers!!!

Pop-up Dating: Flip-Flop Bro Is Single And Minglin ‘

I ‘ve been waiting for a moment like this my whole life and it goes to the bro in the flip-flops?!

Pop-up Dating: Flip-Flop Bro Is Single And Minglin’

27 Goodest Tweets We Scrolled Past This Week #36

Fun fact: these were the only 27 tweets put out on Twitter this week!

Keeping Up With Kanye

Finally, Kanye gets the platform he needs to talk about himself without interruption, if only he ‘d had that for the past 10 years of his career!

Keeping Up With Kanye

Nate Silver: “I Was Just Using You To Find Out Who You ‘d Be Voting For ‘ But Then I Fell For You ‘

After reading this, please please call your significant other and ask them if they are Nate Silver.

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #143

They ‘re movin ‘, they ‘re GIFn ‘, they ‘re happenin ‘: GIFs, we know you love ’em.

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