By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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Stephen Hawking Is Talking Sense For Once

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, one of the smartest and most celebrated minds of the modern age, called Donald Trump a “demagogue ‘ who “appeals to the lowest common denominator. ‘

While I usually am hesitant to hop on board whatever star-crap Hawking spews out, it does seem like the dork is right this time ‘ for once!

When Hawking introduced his theory on the objective reality of the universal wave function, I couldn ‘t help but roll my eyes. Like, wtf, lol okay sure? That came out of nowhere lol. And even before he was applying his idea of Euclidean quantum gravity to black holes, when he was just proving through quantum theory that black holes emitted heat, something like no other scientist on earth was saying (so like, okay ‘.RANDOM), even then I was like, I mean I guess, Steve??

But then when he explained Trump ‘s political ascendancy as being a classic case of someone appealing to popular prejudices rather than rational argument, I was like, “Okay, Steve, NOW you ‘re talking sense ‘for once! ‘

It ‘s just that usually Hawking is throwing out these insanely complicated theories that honestly were just like too much to grasp. And I don ‘t know about you, but when I ‘m overwhelmed by a concept it brings me a lot of calm to completely discredit the thinker behind it. I don ‘t know what Hawk-meister has to say about that, but sometimes the truest science comes from the gut. It ‘s called confidence-ology.

And you know what I ‘m feeling in my gut? That Trump is an incendiary tyrant.

So when the smartest living person agrees with my gut feeling, you know the two of us are onto something.

I ‘m no expert on black holes, but I know one freak-a-leak who is, and surely he ‘d agree that a Trump presidency would cause America to be sucked into one that could one day eventually vanish that would take longer than the current age of the universe, but still!!!

It is so tempting to dismiss Hawking because he is such a freakin dork. It ‘s in your nature to noogie dorks, not align politically with them. But you know who also doesn ‘t believe in science and hates losers? Donald Trump. And guess what? The only thing worse than aligning yourself ideologically with a big nerd is doing so with a dangerous demagogue. So as long as Hawking is talking sense like this, I guess I ‘ll listen to what he has to say ‘ for once!

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