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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

Let ‘s just say this week ‘s videos aren ‘t exactly the quiet type.

When TV Goes Viral

This mime act from a recent episode of America ‘s Got Talent is so surprising and hilarious you ‘d think it was made specifically for the internet.

Tennis Player Loses Point For Being Sarcastic Asshole

‘Player 1: Grunt. ‘
‘Player 1: Grunt. ‘
‘Player 1: Grunt. ‘
‘Player 2: GRUUUUUNT. ‘

Grandma Leaves Guilty Voicemail Over Donut

This is fantastic, but it ‘s 2016 ‘ that grandma should really be texting by now.

When Old TV Goes Viral

This old clip of a woman spitting out her gum on Letterman went viral again this week. Skip ahead to the 0:53 second mark to see why. Then wonder why this isn ‘t just always viral.

h/t viral viral videos

Dog Goes Fucking Crazy For Showers

We wish anything got us half as excited as the word ‘shower ‘ gets this silly little pup.

h/t Tastefully Offensive

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