By: Aengus James

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Your Favorite Comedians Can’t Pronounce JHPIEGO

Hollywood's biggest celebrities including Will Ferrell and Amy Schumer promote awareness for JHPIEGO, an organization that ensures quality health care for the world's most vulnerable people…the only problem is JHPIEGO is very difficult to pronounce. Go to for more information.

Will Ferrell
Amy Schumer
Abbi Jacobson
Ilana Glazer
Hannibal Buress
Kristen Schaal
Jordan Peele
Keegan-Michael Key
Writer/Director: Aengus James
Editor: Marty Cramer
Producer: Christian Heuer, Brianne Trosie, Rob Hatch-Miller
NYC Unit Director/DP: Matt Mayer
Associate Producer: Lauren Taylor
DP: Yuki Noguchi, Matt Sweeney
Gaffer: Jenn Cohen, Stephen St. Peter, Matt Hindman
Sound: Ryan Knouf for Botown Sound, Ryan Kaiser, Carina Jollie
H&MU: Erin Blinn, Catherine Furniss, Ashleigh Ciucci
PA: Edgar Castillo, Ben Parks

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