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Best Late Night Of The Morning: The Original Ghostbusters React To Over-The-Top Fan Tattoos

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel reunited Ghostbusters new and old for an incredible hour of television that hopefully serves to silence all the internet trolls who won ‘t shut their traps about the film ‘s all-female reboot. Do yourself a favor and go watch all the clips since we ‘re not even sure TV on-demand is a thing anymore.

One of our favorite moments, was when the Ghostbusters (Old Version) were given a chance to chat with some superfans with incredibly-elaborate fan tattoos. Bill Murray, being Bill Murray, felt especially inspired.

And because WHY THE FUCK NOT ‘ here ‘s all the Ghostbusters (Both Versions) dancing to one of cinema ‘s all-time great theme songs.

God, this movie is going to be so great. Suck it, haters.

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