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Sexy Babe Vs. Business Woman (Social Experiment)

Everyone's favorite social justice social experimenter, Dooky Tits, runs one of his famous social experiments to see if men on the street think that a business woman is just as sexy as a sexy bikini babe. Be sure to watch to see, and find out.

Starring Dom Manzolillo, Lisa Kleinman, Alex Dickson, Kevin Hynes, Nate Maggio, Zack Poitras, Kyle Kirkup, Langan Kingsley, Jenny Nelson and Kady Ruth Ashcraft
Written by Ben Wietmarschen
Directed by Matt Mayer
Edited by Carina Jollie
Camera: Margaret Sclafani
Hair & Makeup: Blair Aycock
Wardrobe: Simone Duff & Eric Yearwood

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