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Top Content On The Internet This Week

Wowee what a week! Hillary won, rape is not fun, and Kanye loves him some ice cream. In case you missed any of it, we at Funny Or Die have compiled all the best content of the week. And wow, somehow it was all on! Crazy!

Your Favorite Comedians Can ‘t Pronounce JHPIEGO

Ha! Losers! Who can ‘t pronounce ‘ J ‘H ‘PIEGO?

Your Favorite Comedians Can’t Pronounce JHPIEGO

My Name Is Geff Gonson And I Know GIFs

If you ‘ve ever been like, ‘wow, I wish I had a gif expressing the emotions I feel when I still have a Blackberry but they included me on the group text and it ‘s lit with GIFs but I can ‘t make them out ’cause they ‘re mad small so I ‘m squinting at my phone in a cafe, like an idiot ‘, then you ‘re not alone! Gif specialist Geff Gonson is here to help.

Hillary Clinton Texts Bernie Sanders To Drop Out Of The Race

If Bernie had a super delegate for every emoji that Clinton used in this convo, he might actually stand a chance at winning.

7 Less Demanding Summer Alternatives To Beach Bod

For those of us with more important things to worry about than ‘looking good ‘ or ‘being healthy ‘.

Brock Turner Can ‘t Be A Rapist Because He ‘s A Good Boy

Brock Turner can ‘t be a rapist! He ‘s white! Uh, I mean- nah, that ‘s pretty much it.

11 Photos Of Kanye West Enjoying Ice Cream

This week included National Chocolate Ice Cream day, so what better way to celebrate than a multitude of pictures of Kanye West eating ice cream? Simple answer: there is none.

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #145

Ah yes, the eternal question: what are the 21 best gifs of all time of this week? Boy oh boy, do we have a definitive answer for that one.

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