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Elbows, Elbows, Elbows!!!

“Need a fight scene? Call Nick McPherson!!!” NOTE: Fight scenes can be filmed dumb with cheapie tricks like elbows, elbows, elbows, but good fight scenes are difficult and need real fight coordinators. Otherwise, it's really bad and not a good bad. Big thank you to Cinematic Fight Studio! Written and Directed by: Tony Cohen (@CelluloidSimple) Starring: Stefan Schuette (@Schuette_Stefan) Micah Phillips (@micahphillips) Brad Kula Director of Photography Christopher Langan Assistant Camera Ricky Comuniello Audio Albert Kolbea Atom Pate Fight Coordination – Cinematic Fight Studio Adam Lee Lang Yip Ricky Barksdale Graphics Animator Ryan O'Hare Production Assistants Nate Smith Alex Buono Fight Song Battle of Kings by MachinimaSound Executive Producer Jorja Hudson (@jorjasmic)

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