By: Rainn Wilson

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The Weezer Experience

For just $25,000 you could enjoy the totally not fake “Weezer Experience” with Rivers Cuomo and take an exciting trip to the Gal ‘pagos Islands for some birdwatching and a catamaran ride. Watch as their very first customer Rainn Wilson is taken on a journey that only the famous rock band Weezer could come up with.

Staring – Rivers Cuomo, Rainn Wilson and Tim Kalpakis
Written by Tim Kalpakis
Directed by Jeff Dutton
Director of Photography – Brian Lane
Camera Operators – Aaron Ulrich, Ray Lee and Zachary Zdziebko
Gaffer -Matt Sweeney
Production Designer – Heather Drouillard
Art Director – Darrel D'Itri
Wardrobe Stylist – Michelle Thompson
Make Up Artist – Brenna Haukedahl
Sound Mixer – Bo Sundberg for BoTown Sound
Production Assistants – Alec Khan and Edgar Castillo
VFX – Andy Maxwell
Editor – Jeff Dutton
Producer – Sean Boyle
Special Thanks – Brendan Walter and Nadine Pena

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