By: Matt Mayer

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The Transgender Bathroom Song ‘ When I Unzip My Fly (Official Music Video)

In the wake of North Carolina's bathroom law, Funny Or Die presents a song about a real man's poop and pee.

Lyrics by Matt Klinman
Music by Ben Sheehan
Starring: Michael Kayne, Amy Jo Jackson, Ben Wietmarschen, Matt Mayer, Josh Brown and Darren Mabee
Director/DP: Matt Mayer
Producers: Rob Hatch-Miller and Ben Sheehan
Wardrobe: Alex McBean
Gaffer: David Williamson
Key Grip: Stephen Mucci
Music Production: SCORE A SCORE (The Young Ebenezers)
Recording Engineer: Joel Scheuneman, The Log Cabin Recording Studio
Production Assistants: Nicole Bade and Paul Morse

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