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The Latest Internet Trend Is Dads Stacking Cereal On Sleeping Babies

There ‘s a new trend on the web, and it started, as all things do, with a Facebook post put up on a Facebook account belonging to a blog for dads. That ‘s how you came into this world, it ‘s how we came into the world, and frankly, it ‘s how we ‘d like to go as well. But that ‘s for another article!

For now, let ‘s focus on the trend in question: the #CheerioChallenge, created by the blog Life Of Dad, which involves, quite simply, dads stacking breakfast cereal on their sleeping infants and toddlers. Why dads, and also why Cheerios? you ask? Well, we never said this was a Q and A, okay? Also we don ‘t know. But Cheerios seem like the best cereal for stacking.

h/t Uproxx

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