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Human People Of New York – Trailer

Hey there! I'm Thomas Smith. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah but I just recently moved to New York City. I am really passionate about becoming a famous journalist. At some point in my life, I've been obsessed with talking to strangers, talking to strangers about myself, and talking to strangers about how I want to become a famous journalist. ? I studied Journalism at the University Of Utah. I just recently graduated, and finding a job has been tough. Then it hit me. ? I love the blog Humans Of New York, and the guy who created it is super famous now. If I could do exactly what he did, but better, then maybe I could be just as more famous. Human People Of New York aims to remind you that behind every human of New York, there is also a person who is human. Join me every Friday as I interview real true New Yorkers in the one place where you can only find a real true New Yorker: Times Square! I'm Thomas Smith, and I'm here to tell the stories of every day New Yorkers through my blog about them through me.

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