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Top Content On The Internet This Week

If you had to choose between the bottom content and the top content of the week, which would you pick? Top, of course! You ‘re no dummy! Well, good news for you, we have only the top content collected into a handy little recap. Conveniently, all the top content was from Funny Or Die, while all the bottom content was from the rest of the internet. Funny how it always seems to work out that way!

Independence Mars

Jurassic World who? Jeff Goldblum stars in Mars: Resurgence, an even BETTER reboot that combines 90 ‘s nostalgia with modern paranoia.

Independence Mars

QUIZ: Who Said It? A Republican Politician Or Radical Islamist Or Charlie From ‘Two And A Half Men ‘?

Homophobia has never been so appealing to middle-America! And also middle-radical Islam!

7 Amazing And Epic Facebook Baby Gender Reveals

Everyone knows that a baby ‘s social media presence is determined while they ‘re still in the womb – so why not start them off right? Who knows, your baby could be the next Vine star! Or whatever new social media devours our lives!

Will Daenerys With The Game Of Thrones This Sunday?

Well I sure hope so, I have her winning in my GoT bracket!

Jake Paul Is Allergic To Shirts

Jake Paul is the hero this generation deserves. Needs? Not so much. But who else will stand up for the rights of those who find shirt tags itchy and annoying?

Jake Paul Is Allergic To Shirts

See How Much Money The NRA Gave These Senators And How Many Poster Of Hot Babes Holding Guns They Have On Their Wall

Senators love guns. And NO, it ‘s not just because the NRA controls their votes based on monetary donations! It ‘s because babes hold guns, and then people take pictures of it!

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week

The cup is the internet, the liquid is top content, and you are the child. Consider yourself covered in a sticky layer of top content, because that ‘s it for this week! Congratulate yourself by making it through by watching the BEST gifs of ALL TIME of THIS WEEK!

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