By: Ryan Haney

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OK We’re Calling It: The Song Of The Summer Is That Horrible Fear Of What Is To Come

Summer just started, but the race for the song of the season is already over. This year ‘s hottest jam is The Fear of What is Yet to Come.

That Sick, Sinking Feeling first dropped in May, when the last spineless slug-man dropped out of the GOP race, leaving a psychotic bigot as one of two people who will become leader of the free world, but it was quickly drowned out by Drake ‘s island-tinged “One Dance, ‘ which spent six weeks in the number one spot on Billboard ‘s Hot 100.

But The Unshakeable Sense That Something Is Lurking Around The Corner got a huge bump earlier this month earlier this month when 49 people were killed in a mass-shooting at a gay night club. (Big enough to make us all forget about Justin Timberlake ‘s feel good groover “Can ‘t Stop The Feeling. ‘) And That Thought In The Back Of Our Minds That Things Will Never Be The Same has only been picking up steam since.

We won ‘t lie. We thought that people might have gotten sick of Living In Fear What Tomorrow Will Bring when Democrats started filibustering and staging sit-ins to demand new gun legislation and dance floors everywhere were caught in the trance of Rihanna and Calvin Harris ‘ “This Is What You Came For, ‘ the follow up to their 2011 collab “We Found Love. ‘ But when the demonstrations produced more Periscope streams than laws, we knew that The Feeling Like Some Terrible Shadow Is Standing Right Behind Us would never go away.

And you know that That Terrible, Cold shiver That Hits You Out Of Nowhere is a bonafide banger because it ‘s gone international! Last week, Britain voted to leave the European Union. Now, “Brexit, ‘ with a nostalgic nationalistic hook over an unmistakeably Islamophobic beat, is giving partygoers across the pond The Sense That They ‘ve Headed Down A Dark Path And Don ‘t Know How To Get Back.

Sure we might be jumping the gun, but just don ‘t say we didn ‘t warn you. You ‘re going to be feeling a Creeping Sense Of Dread everywhere this summer: At the pool when you ‘re trying to think about how the hell it got this bad, at the beach when it hits you that you that all this just might be taken away, or at a BBQ when you ‘re trying to get drunk enough on cheap beer that you can forget it all for a few hours.

And while most summer hits start to fade out in the fall, we ‘ve got the feeling that the Horrible Hole Opening Beneath Our Feet has some real staying power. November ‘s election, and the possibility that a steak-salesman will usher the country into a new era of Jim Crow, means that even though the weather is getting colder, The Sensation Of Being Swallowed Alive will just be heating up.

Also, shout out to our runner-up, “Panda ‘ by Desiigner. Panda panda panda!

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