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Best Late Night Of The Morning: Third Grader Performs Adorable 50th Birthday Tribute To Mike Tyson On ‘Kimmel’

Want to feel old? Mike Tyson, once the youngest heavyweight champion in history, is now 50 years old, leaving us only to ponder the crushing inevitability of time. That ‘s right folks, life is short and it ‘s ultimate prize (death) is slowly, but very quickly, creeping up on us all.

Anyhow, to lighten the mood and pay tribute to Iron Mike, Jimmy Kimmel brought out an adorable third grader named Tristan to remind us about all the hilarious things Tyson has done with his short time on Earth, like when he bit off Evander Holyfield ‘s ear.

Young Tristan has a bright future ahead of him and you can just see his spirit has yet to tainted by all the awfulness this world has to offer, like what Mike Tyson used to call a “relationship. ‘

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