By: Hannah Levy

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“Queen Of The Grill” ft. Mom

This 4th of July it's time for dad to step aside and let a professional handle the grill. It ‘s mama ‘s time, bitches.

MOM – Anais Fairweather
DAD – Ryan Stanger
Doris – Bunny Gibson
Kids – Toby Grey, Mia Komsky, David Lanksy, Ashley Stoneburner,
Party Goers – Eric Kiefer, Jeffery King, Jennifer Marie, Caitlyn Winiarski, Rhoda Mahoney, Bailey Hamersly, Zach Lutchmedial
Director/Writer/Editor – Hannah Levy
Writer/Director/Editor – Adriana Robles
Producer – Sean Dacanay
1st AD/Coordinator – Ross Buran
Production Coordinator – Matthew Myers
DP – Matthew Sweeney
1st AC – Scotty Field
Gaffer – Eddie Scully
Key Grip – Jen Cohen
Swing – Taylor Starzell
Hair and Makeup – Leigh Schwartz
Production Design – Ashley Swanson
Sound – Mike Robertson
Graphics – Darryl Sharp

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