By: Tom Green

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“Do The Donald” Starring Tom Green (Official Music Video)

Comedian and former ‘Celebrity Apprentice ‘ contestant Tom Green spits barbed bars at his one-time boss and Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and introduces a new dance move that ‘s bound to catch on amongst the constituency.

Starring- Tom Green
Models- Tia Barr & Alexia Castillo
Mom- Rhoda Pell
Ann Coulter- Gilli Nissim
Trump Supporters- Bunny Gibson, Catherine Lydon, Phil Painter, Don Blocker, Graham Beckett, Seth Allison
Choreographer – Susie Ross
Executive Producer- Owen Burke
Executive Producer & Song By- Tom Green
Producer- Libby De Leon
Director/Writer- Bryan Madole
Writer/Editor- Kevin Mead
Director of Photography- Matt Sweeney
1st AC- Michael Lincoln
1st AD- Ben Parks
Production Coordinator- Lindsey Esplin
Gaffer- Jenn Cohen
Grip- James “Max ‘ Erwin, Joe Jackson
Production Designer- Heather Droulliard
Post Supervisor- Marty Cramer
VFX- Kegan Swyer
VFX Artist – Kyle Romaneck
Graphics Artist – Shawn James
Graphics Artist – Devin Vaughn
Concept Illustations – Olivia Kowalczyk
Art Director- Lizzie Boyle
H&MU- Erin Blinn
Costume Designer- Michelle Thompson
Wardrobe Assistant- John Thompson
Sound- Mike Robertson
PA- Connor Glass

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