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Top Content On The Internet This Week

10,080 – that ‘s the number of minutes in a week. 7 – that ‘s the number of good things that happened on the internet in the 10,080 minutes of this week.

Now, that may seem like a small number, but we at Top Content combed the entire internet to create this list, using a highly refined scientific procedure called “Do We Like This ‘ to formulate it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best internet content that happened this week! And look at that, it ‘s all from Funny Or Die. Science worked again!

“Do The Donald ‘ Starring Tom Green

Donald Trump ‘s catchy new theme song, “Do The Donald ‘, includes many of Trump ‘s core values – building a wall, wearing a bad wig, and moving your upper body in a way that vaguely resembles Adolf Hitler ‘s favorite arm movement.

“Do The Donald” Starring Tom Green (Official Music Video)

Dad Review: “I Don ‘t Understand Pokemon Go, But I Give It Five Stars For Getting My Dumb Son Out Of The House ‘

“Pokemon GO, and never come back! ‘ the dad jokes. As his son leaves, a single tear rolls down his face. “He finally Pokemon Went. ‘

The Endorsement Speech Bernie Sanders Actually Wanted To Give For Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders didn ‘t get to do a lot of things this election season ‘ give everyone a free college education, convince people to become a lil socialist, win the primaries. This speech is his final goodbye/missed opportunity.

IMDB Reviews Of The New Ghostbusters Movie

If IMDB ‘s ratings were based on the amount of childhoods a film had allegedly “destroyed, ‘ the new Ghostbuster ‘s movie ‘s ratings would have been off the charts! Unfortunately, according to these reviews, it isn ‘t and they aren ‘t.

Everyone Is Equal! I Have Sex Fantasies About Black Men AND Cops!

The world would be a lot simpler if instead of having a gun in their pockets, police officers were just really, really excited to see black men.

Promote, Fire, Kill

Promote, Fire, Kill ‘ it ‘s like Date, Marry, Ditch, but with the ability to ruin your career!

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #150

You did it! You crossed the finish line of Top Content! Celebrate by checking out the best GIFs of ALL TIME of THIS WEEK!

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