By: Langan Kingsley

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Doping Is A Blemish On The Pristine Face Of MMA

There ‘s a lot going on in the news these days, and a lot of it is pretty bad. But there ‘s one thing that ‘s truly devastating: the horrifying revelation that my favorite UFC athletes might be using performance enhancing drugs. That ‘s right: the purity of MMA fighting has been besmirched by a doping scandal.

Mixed Martial Arts enjoys a long and storied tradition stretching all the way back to 1993, when sports entrepreneurs answered the call for a real life version of Mortal Kombat. And now this not-fake version of professional wrestling has been sullied by a few bad apples who have chosen the incomprehensibly savage path of doping.

Performance enhancing drugs have NO place in Ultimate Fighting Championships. Can you imagine a competitor Axe Kicking, Ground Pounding, or Hammerfisting ‘while on steroids? No thank you. Grown men should be able to beat each other within an inch of their lives without the aid of estrogen blockers.

Thousands of fans have flocked to this sport because they want something beautiful and unadulterated and football is ‘pretty boring and there are not enough broken bones. ‘ MMA is not about salacious scandals. MMA is about families coming together to watch a man be ‘guillotined, ‘ which is when his opponent uses bare hands to attempt to separate his neck from his head. Like a real guillotine but with, like, hands. MMA is about four recorded deaths during matches, in which opponents were literally pummeled until they died in the ring.

Can you imagine the scandal, the outrage if it turns out one of our beloved MMA fighters falls into a coma after being repeatedly kicked and punched in the head and a blood test reveals levels of TRT? That would be a shame.

MMA and the UFC can survive this, but only if they maintain the commitment to integrity that made their sport the ‘worse ‘version of boxing.

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