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Everything You Missed From The Season Premiere Of TV’s Craziest Show, The Republican National Convention

Last night kicked off the RNC Season Premiere ‘consistently one of the craziest shows on TV, last night ‘s episode went further than they ‘ve ever gone in the past. Find our spoiler-packed recapped below to catch up before tonight ‘s episode!

What ‘s New This Season

Where did Mitt Romney go? Yes, he was one of the most boring characters ‘but did they have to kill him off? Seemed like he was one of the only relatable characters left by the end of last season.

Quicken Loans Arena is definitely a step up from the Tampa Bay Times Forum, though I hope in future episodes they go somewhere a little more exotic. Even the Bachelorette gets to go to Argentina.

Fun to see Rick Perry back on the show. Have to say his racism might really pay off this season ‘he ‘s the most consistent character on the whole show.

Where ‘s Chris Christie? He ‘s so fun on screen. I understand they ‘re trying to toy with us by holding off on his storyline, but I find myself always wanting to see more of him!

Kinda disappointed they didn ‘t bring back many of the non-white characters. Only one the writers seem invested in is Ben Carson and honestly he doesn ‘t make any sense. A stupid neurosurgeon? Please.

(Best) Craziest Moments From Last Night

Empty chairs in the audience were clearly a subtle homage to last Clint Eastwood ‘s empty chair bit from last season. Fantastic.

I ‘m totally buying into the idea that all of these characters will stop at nothing to achieve power at any cost over the weak and will stop at nothing to be the one true leader of whatever ash and rubble he/she leaves behind.

Happy to see GE Smith got another job after SNL.

G.E. Smith (left) once again proving he CAN keep a straight face during comedic monologues.

Hated the crossover between Duck Dynasty and the RNC but LOVED the crossover between the RNC and Scott Baio is 45 ‘and Single!

A lot of shows have been able to really nail the “village idiots ‘ introductory line (Coach from Cheers, Woody from Cheers, Joey from Joey), but none quite so much as the writers of the RNC did last night. When Trump said: “We ‘re gonna win, we ‘re gonna win so big ‘ we KNEW exactly who this character is.

Rudy Giuliani screaming his head off in episode one? Insane way to start and I kinda loved it.

(Worst) Craziest Moments From Last Night

Soundtrack was ‘uninspired.

Very heavy handed with all the ‘America ‘ talk. Iunderstood that they were in America right away, no need to spend 5 hours of exposition talking about where they are. Just let the viewer know and get to the part where something happens!

Spanish translator seemed unearned. I ‘d say to the RNC: Know your audience.

So it ‘s clear that Melania Trump was the romantic interest, butI don ‘t think she was given enough screen time to build the audience ‘s interest. And (I ‘m so tired of writing this about female characters) her speech felt flat and recycled.

Michelle Ob ‘I mean, Melania Trump ‘addresses the crowd.

There was a lot of confusion over genre ‘is this a post-apocalyptic dystopian political dramas or is it a pre-apocalyptic satirical comedy? Settle on something.
I didn ‘t fully understand killing off the Colorado delegates. Or were they even killed? I just felt like we weren ‘t ever introduced for them and then for them to disappear, it felt like a dramatic pull not given the appropriate amount of build up.

Too many whites.

What To Expect Moving Forward

There ‘s no way they ‘ll be able to keep up this insane pace all season/week unless they truly go off the rails (wouldn ‘t mind it!)

Kinda hope none of these characters have a sex scene.

Found it distracting that some of the secondary characters have become fully racist and some have been trying to hide how racist they are. And then some other, even more minor characters are not racist at all. Seems like they should all decided how racist they are going to be, it ‘s just distracting me from the main characters.

The show had lots of tense and chaotic action filled scenes, but those were merely blips on a landscape of hours of house jazz. I think they need to spread that out a little bit more, or just edit the show down.

Tonight ‘s theme, “Make America Work Again, ‘ will be a treat. We can only hope to get a lot of Trump ‘s fun catchphrase “You ‘re Fired ‘ which will add some much needed comic relief.

Have a feeling this Benghazi storyline is not gonna pay off.

Foreshadowing of a national self-induced apocalypse was super well done though doubt they can complete that storyline in one week of episodes. Maybe if it was spread out until November.

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