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How To Build A More Engaged Instagram Following

You love your Instagram, but do you ever wish more people felt the same way as you? Here are 8 tips for how to up your fan insta-gagement on your page.

1. Use Hashtags

Hashtags make your posts on Instagram easier to search for and find. Try #FollowForFollow, #FollowPleaseFollow, or #PleaseFollowPlease.

2. Text Your Friends

Any good engagement begins with friends. Text your pals and ask them to comment or like on your photo.

3. Branch Out

Instagram engagement isn ‘t just for friends! Tag acquaintances and friends of friends in posts and ask them to engage with you, too.

4. Signed, Sealed Delivered

Try including your IG handle as part of your email signature!

5. ‘Sign ‘ Me Up

Better yet, legally change your IRL signature to your handle!

6. Take Advantage Of Current Events

Tag yourself in comments on other people ‘s photos, especially if that person just got a cool new job or boyfriend or died, because people are probably checking their profile a little more often.

7. Remember Your Manners

If friends and strangers are finding it alienating when you make their personal or emotional posts about you, just remember to be polite.

8. Know When To Excuse Yourself

Tops of mountains usually have guestbooks, so if you need to take a journey alone away from your friends and social media and have already done the make-your-handle-your-signature thing, this is a good option for you.

article by @jrnnynrlson

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