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11 Facts About Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine

See below for some facts about Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton ‘s running mate.

Full name

Timothy Sugar Kaine


Too old to be hip, but too young to be old.


Senator of Virginia, Governor of Virginia, Eater of Extra-Virginia Olive Oil.

Once used a spreadsheet to make sure only one person brought plates to a Potluck BBQ.


Owns over 900 harmonicas, but not a single kazoo.

Named each of his eyebrows after Latin superstars, but refuses to say who.


Buried a dead cat in a graveyard, Tom Sawyer style, to get rid of his warts. It did not work.

Worked as a shoe fitter for 19 years. In that position, he fit shoes onto customers. That ‘s what a shoe fitter does.

Tim Kaine is NOT related to Herman Caine.

Tim Kaine IS related to Tim Allen.

Always orders Ricotta Stuffed French Toast at brunch, and always regrets it.

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