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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s videos can ‘t stop, won ‘t stop movin ‘.

80-Year-Olds Recreate T-Swift

There ‘s no recipe for viral success, but if you had to write it down, it ‘s safe to say that combining Taylor Swift and old folks is the majority of the steps.

Hero Mom Can ‘t Be Bothered With Son ‘s Outrageous Lip Synching

Honestly, neither can we, but please give us more of this mom ‘s indifference.


Morgan? More like Morgan Morgan of Morgan and Morgan.

Horses Are Just Like People

We ‘re all just out there trying to get our butts scratched. Of course, some of us are trying harder than others.

Furiously Fast Forecast

We all knew it would eventually happen. It ‘s finally gotten too hot for the weather.

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