By: Kady Ruth Ashcraft

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How Dare Bill Clinton Make The DNC About Politics

Yesterday, former President of the United States Bill Clinton gave a primetime address at the DNC. His wife, Hillary Clinton, just secured the nomination for President of the United States ‘a historic first and an incredible moment.

But unfortunately, Bill Clinton had to spoil it by making an otherwise celebratory evening about politics.

Bill ‘s speech would have been perfect. It was warm, encouraging, and told the love story of his and Hillary ‘s life together.That ‘s why I turned on the DNC coverage ‘for love stories. I wanted to learn about their sweet courtship, their tender kisses, their intimate moments. Heck, I wouldn ‘t have minded some descriptions of his numerous and well-documented affairs.
_But as soon as he brought ‘politics ‘ into the speech, the illusion of this being a love story was shattered. He clearly had a political agenda even going to the DNC, and it just makes me sick. I watch Bill Clinton to get away from politics, not remind myself of the turmoil our world is in. If I wanted to be reminded of the unstable Middle East or growing racial tensions in our country, I would turn on Rachel Maddow or log onto

When Bill speaks I want the smooth velvet of his voice to carry me into a fantasy land where husbands can publicly cheat on and embarrass their wives and that doesn ‘t affect how happy their marriage is. I don ‘t want to hear the ‘p ‘ word.

Politics should be left to the people who actually know a little something about politics ‘like soap opera stars, Duck Dynasty men, and avocado farmers. What could Bill Clinton possibly have to say that would mean anything in this election season?

Excuse me for wanting my saxophone-playing, burger-gobbling, former two-term president to stay away from policy issues.

My only hope is that the rest of the DNC speakers take note of this grave misstep and stick to fun anecdotes about the time Hillary sent them a ham or gave them a warm hug. Frankly, any further attempts to make the speeches at this convention political will make me extremely uncomfortable.

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