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Ken Jeong Is Confronted With The Irony Of Donald Trump Outsourcing His Own Products

In a video made for this week ‘s Democratic National Convention, Funny Or Die teamed up with Ken Jeong and Obama ‘s Chief Economist, Austan Goolsbee, to once again remind the world that Donald Trump outsources nearly all of his Trump-brand products, despite his constant promise to bring jobs back to America. Oh, the irony! Irony, that is hopefully not lost on someone who would be dumb enough to vote for Trump in the first place.

In perhaps his greatest role yet, the Hangover 3 star shines as ‘Man Who Cries Over Donald Trump. ‘ And if his only payment for the video was that Goolsbee hop out of a trunk naked, as Jeong himself did in the aforementioned film, it would have been money well spent.

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