By: Ryan Haney

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This Couple ‘s Breakup Got Nasty On Social

Breaking up is never easy, but a reader tipped us off to a particularly nasty split two of her friends, Emily and Jacob, went through.

Things seemed amicable at first. Soon after things ended, Emily tweeted this sweet sentiment ‘

And it looked like Jacob still had a lot of love for his ex ‘

But just two weeks later, Emily posted this picture to her Instagram ‘

It looked like Emily was moving on, and judging from his comment, Jacob thought she might be moving a little too fast ‘

We ‘re guessing Emily took notice, because the next morning she really twisted the knife with this post ‘

Jacob retaliated with this pic and a not-so-subtle dig at his ex ‘

Emily didn ‘t stay in Jacob ‘s shade long before she threw it right back ‘

A few minutes later, Jacob posted this #tealizard meme. I wonder who he was talking too ‘

Things seemed to cool down for a bit, until Jacob started posting pictures from a “boy ‘s night ‘ ‘

Did you catch the hidden dis? Look closer ‘

Hummus in the trash can ‘ I wonder if he was trying to send a message?

And then it looks like the “boy ‘s night ‘ quickly turned co-ed ‘

But it looks like Emily had the last laugh ‘

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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