By: Tyler Richardson's Imagination

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Next Monday 8/22/16 my comedy mixtape Strawberry Cough is dropping on this website, as well as various places mixtapes are available. It will be free, and featuring many up-and-coming comedians from New York City. Most have been on television, but hopefully you will find some new talent to follow and one day say “I remember hearing them on that mixtape.” A couple of months ago I released the first animated sketch from the mixtape: Google's House of Tomorrow. But, today I'm happy to give you Goldilocks from Strawberry Cough. This new telling of an old classic features Christi Chiello (@christichiello) as Goldilocks. Petey DeAbreu (@Pdeezjokes), Ayanna Dookie (@ADookie), and Courtney Fearrington (@BigCcomedy) play the three bears fans. And, a little narration from your's truly. Enjoy, and next week will be the big unveiling!

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