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New ‘Always Sunny’ Mashup Proves No Amount Of ‘Stranger Things’ Content Is Ever Enough

Stranger Things mashups are all the rage on the internet these days. And why shouldn ‘t they be? The highly-acclaimed Netflix series is one the most interesting things to happen to television since Jeff Probst was hosting both Survivor and VH1 ‘s Rock & Roll Jeopardy AT THE SAME TIME.

That said, haven ‘t we seen enough of these Stranger mashups yet? It ‘s like ‘ taking two ideas and shoving them together? In 2016? It ‘s been done, right? FUCK NO! NEVER. KEEP ‘EM COMING, INTERNET. MUST HAVE MORE STRANGER THINGS.

And while you ‘re at it ‘ keep making this stuff stranger and stranger, so we can call THOSE things “stranger things. ‘ Oh my god can you even imagine!?

(But for real this video is really good.)

via Juan Carlos Pelayo, h/t Uproxx

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