By: Hana Michels

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How To Deliver a Baby At Work

As paid maternity leave is not legally guaranteed by the United States government, all employees must be prepared for the eventuality of office births. This training video will help instruct you on how to deliver a baby in the workplace.

Starring Paul Welsh & Ashley Bell
Director- Courtney Davis
Writer- Hana Michels
Producer- Libby de Leon
Editor- Hannah Levy
Production Coordinator- Matt Myers
DP- Matt Sweeney
1st AC- Steve Kahn
Key Grip- Eddie Scully
Swing- Zander Kroon
Gaffer- Jenn Cohen
Swing- Kaiden Tremain
Art Director- Taylor Slingerland
Art Assist- Maxine Shepard
H&MU- Erin Blinn
Sound- Chris Bennett for Botown Sound
PA- Kellen Schneider

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