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Someone Should Make A Show Called ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Nipples’

It ‘s not everyday someone comes up with maybe the greatest idea ever, but, well, today may be that day. Hear me out, but I have this idea. I think someone should make a show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians ‘ Nipples. I ‘m not really sure what it would be about (other than nipples) (and Kardashians) but something tells me, in THIS day and age, that that ‘s probably enough.

Congrats to whatever network gets to carry this soon-to-be great show.

That ‘d be a hot show, right? And no, PERVS, I don ‘t mean it ‘d be hot like ‘Yo, this shit finna make so horny when I watch it on my big-screen boob tube, ‘ I mean, like, I think it would be a big-time ratings success and make lots of money for everyone involved because people always wanna be clicking and watching things that involve both the Kardashians AND nipples.

Of course, I don ‘t really know what type of show it would be. But if you go back, you ‘ll notice I never said I had any idea of what type of show it should be or that I even wanted to make the show, I just said SOMEONE should. But that said, if I thought about it for a second or two, I bet I could come up few pitches for what make a good show called ‘Keepin ‘ Up With The Kardashians ‘ Nipples. ‘


Here goes:

Maybe it ‘s a TMZ-knockoff where a lawyer and his dumb 20-something minions talk about what Jamba Juice restroom they just filmed Kourtney ‘s nipple in, or whatever.

Or no, maybe it ‘s like Real World/Road Rules Challenge meets The Amazing Race where anyone who has ever appeared on the original Kardashian series competes in a bunch of challenges and the losers have to show his/her nipples at the end. Winner gets nothing, of course.

Rob gets himself back in fighting shape so he ain ‘t gotta show ‘dem nips.

Ooh, or listen to this ‘ maybe ‘ maybe it ‘s just mashing up old clips from Family Feud where Richard Dawson says inappropriate things anytime Kendall tells a reporter she doesn ‘t wear underwear anymore.

(Maybe it ‘s too late to mention, but this show would also definitely cover butt stuff.)

Survey says: I ‘d watch this show!

Anyhow, that ‘s really all I have. The ideas aren ‘t great, but you have to admit it ‘s a very good title/general premise for a TV show. Hollywood, if you ‘re listening, give me a ring, hit me up on Twitter, or just go ahead and make it on your own. I ‘ll know I ‘ll be tuned in and DEFINITELY turned on. (Before I was JK-ing.)

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