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Warner Brothers Needs to Rename Their Shark vs. Jason Statham Movie

Dear Warner Brothers Marketing,

You are making a movie which, according to your press releases, will become the greatest shark movie of all time. It is about the discovery of a 70 foot prehistoric shark ‘ and only one man can stop it: JASON STATHAM!

I mean, come on. You had me at 70 ft shark. But then you added Jason Statham? Suck it, Aquaman, THIS movie ‘s gonna have the greatest underwater fight scenes ever filmed. I bet James Cameron wishes he weren ‘t knee-deep in Na'vi mind-rape tails, because THIS IS GOING TO MAKE FILM HISTORY.

And then I read the title of this epic thrill-ride, this monumental clash of titans, and I actually threw up in my mouth.


THAT ‘S your title?

Yes, I ‘m aware that Meg stands for Megalodon which is the scientific name of the 70 foot killing machine, but how am I going to keep my dignity if I have to say “Hey guys ‘ you wanna go see MEG this weekend? ‘

MEG is what you call a damp washcloth. Or the lump of moldy mac & cheese you found under your couch. Or a rejected Muppet.


Jason Statham deserves better than MEG. The largest sea predator of all time deserves better than MEG. I DESERVE BETTER THAN MEG!

So here ‘s a new title for you. One that will get people LINED UP AROUND THE BLOCK EVEN IF THEY PRESELECTED THEIR SEATS ON FANDANGO.



That ‘s right: Sharkpuncher. Because as you must know by looking through his contract, Jason Statham will not sign on to a movie unless he punches the villain a minimum of 10 times. GUARANTEED. Here ‘s the best part: Did you know you can stop a Great White by punching it in the nose? I DON ‘T CARE IF IT ‘S NOT TRUE!

This fist is insured for $1M dollars.

SHARKPUNCHER. Say it out loud. It rolls off the tongue IF YOUR TONGUE WERE A FIST (whoa. That ‘s a great, idea, too). You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like $1B worldwide.

Now understand something: if you have the greatest working action star (and you do) and you don ‘t have him punching the super-sized shark in the finale, YOU HAVE MADE THE WRONG MOVIE. A movie that deserves to have the title of a bad Nora Ephron movie starring guess who: MEG Ryan.

(Although if this were a movie where Jason Statham fought Meg Ryan, I would pay for that, too. But it ‘s not. It ‘s about a shark. And a guy who punches it.)

SHARKPUNCHER. Here ‘s the poster:

It ‘s Jason Statham COLD COCKING A GIANT SHARK. Literally everyone who sees this poster will buy a ticket. I ‘m sure I ‘ve increased your presales 1000x already.

And here ‘s the kicker: you have Rainn Wilson in the movie. As a scientist. Get ready, because here ‘s how you make this the GODFATHER of shark films: make the “shark ‘ a human-shark hybrid. That ‘s right. A 70 foot shark WITH RAINN WILSON ‘S FACE. He ‘s already been a fish man in House of 1000 Corpses.

Now imagine him 70 ft long with shark teeth!

Hear me out: Rainn starts out wanting to understand the shark, then sees the purity of this majestic creature who is 70 feet of pure killing machine and suddenly, he has an idea: with HIS brains and MEG ‘S brawn, they can rule the world! So he sciences something BLAH BLAH BLAH rewrite your current third act because Rainn-Shark vs. Jason Statham will be the greatest movie showdown in all of movie history.


You ‘re welcome.

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