By: Gianmarco Soresi

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Kickstarter 4 Rent!

The world ‘s saddest Kickstarter? See the full campaign here*: *we were kicked off Kickstarter hence it's an Indiegogo* SUBSCRIBE! LIKE US! FOLLOW the Matza Pizza himself: Produced by Lindsay-Elizabeth Hand / Edge In Motion Productions Directed/Shot by Jeff Rabinak ( Written by Gianmarco Soresi ( Edited by Gianmarco Soresi (see above) Starring Gianmarco Soresi (you must know it by now) MATZA PIZZA is an exploration of everything Gianmarco Soresi dislikes about himself and the world. Named for its creator ‘s Jewish Italian heritage, this passionately neurotic sketch series attempts to diagnose his narcissistic, nihilistic and existentialist tendencies WHILE MAKING YOU LAUGH!!!!!

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