By: Honora

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The Work and Family Scale

Because if you work and you're a mom, you're f*cked!

Written and Directed by Honora Talbott
Amy Albert
Baby Bo
Vlad Perez
Kannon Kurowski
Maya Imani
Kersten Haile
Bill Posley
Bill Kessler
Aysha Wax
Cynthia Salazar
Darrel Haynes
Nick Gligor (VO)
Director of Photography: Ali Brennan
Produced by Brent Lydic
Sound by William White
Edited by Jorja Hudson
Animation by Juliah Rueckert
Propmaster: Kathryn Molloy
SPECIAL THANKS to Anna Cecilia, Megan Grano, Hunter Altman, Bob Ladewig and Allishia Knotts

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