By: Jeff Foxworthy

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Jeff UpWorthy’s “You Might Be a Millennial If…”

We all remember Jeff Foxworthy as one of the kings of 90's comedy, but now there's a new Jeff for a new generation. Time to meet the king of Millennial comedy, Jeff Upworthy.

Jeff Foxworthy
Phil Painter
Esau Hamadanyan
Jordan Rockowner
Rachel Crowe
Ishmael Sahid
Ele Woods
Geoffrey James
Olivia Norman
Eli Lutsky
Kyle Helf
Connie Shin
Producer: Sean Boyle
Writer / director: Jon Millstein
Editors: Hannah Levy & Brad Schulz
Graphics: Shawn James
DP: Matt Sweeney
Cam Op: Aaron Ulrich
Sound (LA): Matt Kendrick

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