By: Nate Dern

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18 Explanations For Why August Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded Besides ‘Global Warming’

NASA confirmed that this past August was the hottest month on record, tying July which had just set the record for the hottest month ever recorded since we started recording 136 years ago, even though July is usually hotter than August, indicating an upward trend on an already steep incline.

So called scientists will tell you that this is more evidence that global warming is a real issue that needs to be addressed. Everyone from web comic xkcd to the Washington Post to 97% of scientists are convinced. But couldn ‘t there be another explanation besides global warming? See below for some contenders.

  • Global heating
  • Global un-chilling
  • Global scalding
  • Global opposite of an ice age
  • Global toasting
  • Global defrosting the earth the ice caps are Christmas hams
  • Global roasting
  • Global emergency temperature increase
  • Global boiling
  • Global broiling
  • Global the Earth is in a microwave inside a greenhouse inside a giant wool mitten of our own creation
  • Global man made climate change
  • Global armageddon acceleration
  • Global hell in a hand basket
  • Global clam bake but we ‘re not baking clams we ‘re baking the earth
  • Global (singing) ‘feeling hot hot hot! ‘
  • Global increase in average near-surface atmospheric pressure over past century, and yes some fluctuation in global temperature happens naturally, but the scale of the increase over the past hundred years is unprecedented over tens to thousands of years, and is clearly the result of human-made carbon dioxide being released in unsustainable levels as a result of industrial production
  • Global warming

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