By: Loose Seal Productions

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Grandma Needs A Tech Support Hero

Holy Aioli, it ‘s Jupiter Joe! He ‘s the crime-fighting Super Hero that this world needs. His latest challenge: saving Granny from faulty DVD players, broken coffee machines, and more! KABLAMO!

Written & Directed by: Lucien Flores & Michela M. Smith
Executive Producer: Darren Miller
Producer: Angela Palladino & Loose Seal Productions
Editor: Jake Rasmussen
Director of Photography: Tyler Ribble
Sound: Peter Getz
Production Design: Kelly Sheridan
Gaffer: Charlie Muentes
Grip: Forest Lin
Hair & Makeup: Rebecca Rothmaler
Production Assistant: Olivia Koterska
Jupiter Joe: Zack Poitras
Granny: Nichole Yannetty
Billy: Federico Rodriguez
Dr. Danger: Harry Aspinwall
Pop-Ups: Will Milvaney

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