By: Alex Pearson

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Remember: Trees Like Watching You Change, Too

Hello. I ‘m a tree.

As you probably know, we trees are about to begin our most beloved annual tradition. For a few special weeks, we will shed our standard greens for a stunning cloak of vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges.

We get just as much joy from this transformation as you humans do. It is our absolute pleasure to share the experience with our non-rooted brothers and sisters, many of whom we know travel far and wide to gaze in awe at our beauty. All we ask is that you remember that this is a two-way street.

We like to watch you change too.

So please, let us stare at you as well.We also find it exotic and thrilling when you finally slip out of your normal everyday wardrobe. You too offer such captivating views, standing there in your raw, natural beauty. You are multi-colored and magnificent. Your various slopes, peaks, and groves offer a tantalizing tapestry that only an inspired artist like Mother Nature could produce.

Yes, come look at us, but please, return the favor. Here are a few ways you can start:

Open Your Blinds

Those of us so lucky are honored to have the privilege of standing outside the windows of your bedrooms and bathrooms. Then again, so often we ‘ve made it this far only to be denied the glorious view by a single cruel obstructive barrier.

Go Camping

Most of us trees will never know the joy of standing next to your windows. Don ‘t let that deny us of your beauty entirely. Come spend a night or two away from it all in the peace of our watchful shelter. Sing campfire songs, tell campfire stories, change out of your smoky campfire clothes right there by the campfire.

Shower Outdoors

Palm trees don ‘t even change colors. Why are they the only ones who ever get to hover over your outdoor showers?

Buy an Outdoor Hot Tub

You worked hard this year. You earned it. What better way to take in October ‘s breathtaking scenery than in an outdoor hot tub? Go ahead, turn it all the way up. Let that steamy water sooth your beautiful achy flesh. Get comfortable. Nobody ‘s watching. Just us trees.

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