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7 Functional And Chaste Fall Styles Inspired By The Amish

Today is the first day of fall! That means it is time to update your wardrobe. We take inspiration from the Amish for the following seven puritanical and functional autumn styles that you can wear everywhere from the fields to the church to the butter churn.

1. Simple Bonnet and Monochrome Combo

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This simple bonnet and humble blouse and skirt, cut from the same fabric, cover the maximum amount of flesh to keep your body warm in the cooling months but your lust cool from wanton temptation.

2. Humble Straw Hat

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Let ‘s be honest: work can be a drag, no matter what the season. Though it is pleasing to labor and feel the rewards of work, anyone, from plain folk to English, know that work is easier when your outfit is pleasing! A simple and stylish straw hat will keep the sun out of your eyes as you tend to your work horses but will also please your congregation when at nightly prayers. Try pairing with a powder blue shirt for a look that will please even worldly folk!

3. Matching Family Outfits

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Each member of your family has a role, a job, and a position but that doesn ‘t mean they should flaunt a materialistic superiority. What better way to show you won ‘t let the world corrupt you than donning un-proud colors and matching hats? Whether sitting on a fence, standing astride a fence, or mending a fence, this is a look that tells the world your family knows nothing of their sinful ways.

4. Thick Cotton Suits

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Ah, horse-hitching. A pleasure of fall as lovely as noticing the changing leaves and drooping cornstalks. Here we see fine Amish garb: head-to-toe, thick blue cotton fabrics. A loose-fitting cut in both shirt and pants will keep you comfortable in work and in rest. And the roominess will keep your unmentionables from being inadvertently stimulated during a brisk walk or ride.

5. White Bonnet and Common Frock

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When cream is warm and fresh from the cow, ready to be drunk, chilled, or churned, you want a look that says, “there is work to be done, pay me no mind, English, and turn your soft hands to toil. ‘ A simple white bonnet and common frock project a slim and simple silhouette that will keep you toasty on cool nights and keep the eyes of unwanted suitors away.

6. Dark Fishing Outfit with Accent Suspenders

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Fishing: a labor that is so pleasant that you must constantly keep your mind at task so that you do not become lost in worldly thumb-twiddling and jovial excesses. But if the fish are there to be caught and fed to a hungry family, what better than dark fabrics to hide your body from crafty fish and crisp suspenders to alert others to your location? It ‘s an outfit for a cool, autumn evening spent angling by the banks.

7. Chaste and Natural Color

When you must go somewhere that you do not understand or somewhere that you are not understood, a splash of color ‘ tasteful and chaste ‘ can give you the confidence to face the unknown. Pair it with a statement accessory like this bag or the same black sneakers as all your friends, and you have an outfit that takes you from home to the world, and politely asks that you be taken seriously!

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