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10 Ways To Make Your Morning Commute Feel Faster

Commuting is the worst- you wake up and you have to spend precious minutes of your fleeting life trapped in a car, bus, train or alternate transit method on your way to work. To make your commute more tolerable, we came up with a few tips to make your commute feel like it ‘s going by a little faster:

Listen to ‘Danger Zone ‘ by Kenny Loggins on repeat the entire commute.

Set your speedometer 20mph ahead.

Text yourself the word ‘whoosh ‘ a few times.

Listen to podcasts at double speed.

Sing ‘Danger Zone ‘ by Kenny Loggins quietly to yourself.

Make engine noises with your mouth.

Whip its!!

Scream until you get to your destination.

Carpool with Kenny Loggins and strike up a conversation with him about the origin of how he wrote his now classic song ‘Danger Zone. ‘

Work from home.

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