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Boycott Band: The Return of One More Wish

One More Wish has announced that they plan to use the venues and audiences of shows canceled in protest of North Carolina ‘s House Bill 2 to gain new fame as 1MW. Not only is this a despicable act of exploitation, but the music is (still) terrible. Though they ‘ve revamped the lyrics of their most popular tunes, like “Make Three Wishes ‘ and “Hit Me (On My Pager), ‘ and rebranded themselves 1MW, the boy band is simply a bad band playing bad music. Advertising agency McKinney has been staunchly against North Carolina ‘s “Bathroom Bill, ‘ House Bill 2. The (fake) Boycott Band is their third creative effort to get the bill repealed and drive (real) people to vote in November. See the trailer, documentary, director's cut, band interviews, tour dates, downloadable music and ringtones at

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