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The Math Checks Out: That ‘Rent’ Song Is Right About The Number Of Minutes In A Year

? Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes ?

? How do you measure – measure a year? ?

‘ “Seasons Of Love”

Most songs are normally wildly inaccurate with the facts they state. ‘Eight Days A Week ‘ by The Beatles is wrong about the number of days in a week, which is commonly accepted as seven. Springsteen ‘s ‘Born To Run ‘ has been constantly refuted by biologists about what humans are really born to do. Elton John sings ‘Saturday Night ‘s Alright For Fighting, ‘ when, in fact, it is not alright. Thursday, sure, but not Saturday. Then there ‘s ‘Happy Birthday, ‘ a song that incorrectly asserts the possibility of being happy on one ‘s birthday.

Music rarely tells the truth.

That ‘s why I decided to put ‘Seasons Of Love ‘ from the musical Rent to the test. It claims to know how many minutes are in a year, but is this just another musical lie like ‘And I ‘m Proud To Be An American ‘ or an actual fact? Let ‘s see!

The Math:

1 year = 365 days (unless it ‘s a Leap Year, then nobody knows how many days there are)

1 day = 24 hours (like in the show 24)

1 hour = 60 minutes (like in the show 60 Minutes – TV is a lot more factual than music)

Minutes In A Year = (Minutes In A Hour) x (Hours In A Day) x (Days In A Year)

Minutes In A Year = (60) x (24) x (365)

Minutes In A Year = 525,600


The Rent song is indeed correct in the number of minutes in a day! In fact all of the songs from Rent are factually accurate, especially the final number, ‘AIDS Is A Bad Thing To Have. ‘

Please check back next week when I put another tune to the test and find out if Sisq ‘s ‘Thong Song ‘ is actually about thongs. I doubt it.

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