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10 Killer Lines To Say While Exiting The Room

Whenever you leave a room, it ‘s an opportunity to say something that will leave an impression on everybody remaining. Here are some killer exit lines to add to your arsenal.

‘Another room, here I come! ‘

‘Well, I don ‘t even go to this school. I ‘m a reporter. ‘

‘ ‘and in conclusion, that ‘s why this door couldn ‘t possibly lead to a closet! ‘

‘I better be going ‘ I have a ham in the oven. ‘ Then wink.

‘Now, off to go kill Bin Laden a second time! ‘

‘My pizza rolls have probably cooled off by now. ‘

‘It ‘s too bad that nobody talked to me while I was in this room. I had a million dollars to give away. ‘

Pretend like you ‘re answering your phone, then say, ‘Hey, Kanye! ‘

‘Say goodbye to my little friend! ‘ This one works best if you ‘re holding big gun.

‘I regret everything. ‘

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