By: Jasmine Pierce

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5 Crazy Trump Headlines You Would Totally Believe

In the light of Trump ‘s recently revealed comments about grabbing women by the pussy, many were left wondering if there was anything that Trump could still do that would surprise us. We thought about it and realized we could not think of a single Trump headlines that we would not believe. So, here are a bunch of Trump headlines that if you saw in your newsfeed you ‘d think, “Yeah, of course he did. ‘

Trump Eats Waffles Out of Hands of Homeless Man, Then Eats Styrofoam Container

“I was very hungry and I love to taste poor people ‘s sadness. ‘

Trump Buys World ‘s Population of Butterflies to Watch Them Die Around Him

“Even a billionaire has to have fun sometimes. ‘

Donald Trump Swaps Michael Jackson & Prince ‘s Corpses in Graves

“I put his body in his grave, and his body in his grave. This is what I do to blow off steam. ‘

Trump Currently Has Charges Pending in Child Rape Case

Oops, sorry, this one is true!

Trump Deports Daughter Tiffany

“Why is the media talking about me deporting my supposed daughter Tiffany when Crooked Hillary is an ISIS liar emails crossing over our borders ISIS. ‘

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