By: Nate Dern

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Bombshell: Hacked Email Shows Clinton’s Team Wanted Hillary To Win Democratic Primary Instead Of Bernie

Have you heard the latest about the hacked emails from the Clinton primary campaign?

Evidently, the Clinton team actively wanted Hillary to win the nomination for the Democratic presidential primary over Bernie Sanders. Yep, you heard that right.

What happened to fairness? What happened to good sportsmanship? Um, democracy anybody? Ever heard of it? Evidently, the folks over at the Clinton campaign headquarters haven ‘t heard of any of those things, because they were trying to defeat Bernie Sanders, so that Bernie would be the loser and Hillary would be the winner.

Just take a look at this excerpt from an email sent from a senior staffer:

Here ‘s a link to a story that is unfavorable to Sanders. Should we tweet it?

‘ from an email sent by John Podesta, Clinton's campaign chairman


I think we all suspected that the Clinton campaign was up to some dirty tricks, but actively wanting their opponent to lose and coordinating efforts to achieve victory for their own candidate? Talk about taking a smear campaign too far.

Poor Bernie, unknowingly up against a candidate endeavoring to undermine his tactics for their own advantage.

What cost is too high a price to pay for victory? For the Clinton campaign, they ‘re evidently willing to do whatever it takes.

If you ‘re as shocked as we are, please do what Bernie would want (not, like, what he is asking you to do now and support Hillary ‘ we mean before when he was trying to beat her but not in, like, the same nasty way Hillary was trying to beat him, of course) and share this damning revelation on your social media channels.

After you share, join us in saying a prayer for the good old days when elections were fair and nobody was campaigning against each other, and instead there was a gentleman ‘s agreement to just let the chips fall where they may.

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