By: Gabriel Gundacker

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How To Make A Celebrity Death About You

No one is better at eulogizing celebrities on Facebook than this guy. So when he discovers a celebrity he's never heard of is getting on in years, Gabe does his best to learn every detail about him in order to make the death entirely about himself.

Cast in order of appearance:
Terrence Carey
Gabriel Gundacker
Thomas Kelly
Joe Friedman
Kimberly Vaughn
Jack Pearl
Nick Jester
Emma Welch
Teddy Issen
Christine Seo
Max Lipchitz
Norman Burt
Ricky Peacock
Molly Ruthenburg
Mike Aviles
Executive Producer – Darren Miller
Jack Bensinger – Cinematographer/Editor
Gabriel Gundacker – Director
Mackenzie Cassidy – Boom Op

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