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JustBoobs Sketch: How to Maintain the Male Ego–and Save the World!

What they've told you is true – feminism IS dangerous. One wrong move around the delicate 'male ego' could mean the end of the world as we know it. Share this security briefing to make sure NO ONE challenges the status quo — or else. Executive Produced by The Ladies of JustBoobs Sketch: Melissa Rojas, Kate McDaniel, Elizabeth Bond & Stephanie Carrie Directed By: Honora Talbott – Written By: Stephanie Carrie – DP: Davey Vorhes – Editor: Rylan Rafferty – 1st AD: Andrea Rutherford Special thanks to AwestruckTV ( CAST: Angel Lateka Moore – DaJuan Johnson – Nikki Baker – Adam Tsekhman – Angela Hoover – Elizabeth Bond – Stephanie Carrie – Kate McDaniel – Melissa Rojas – Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Like us on Facebook: JustBoobsSketch Logo by Carin Agiman ( JustBoobsSketch Photography by Johnny Shryock ( MUSIC – All tracks are from the Epidemic Sound library that we have the right to use through our YouTube partnership with AwestruckTV.

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