By: Langan Kingsley

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Why Should Trump Accept The Results Of An Election That Is Rigged For Hillary?

Look, Donald Trump has finally been saying what most people have known for years: the system is RIGGED for Hillary Clinton. We all know that the liberal media has a well known bias, and this election is just proving that to be all too true. The media is treating her like she ‘s more qualified to be president because she is more qualified to be president. So it ‘s only fair that Trump not let her be president once she is elected president.

Donald Trump isn ‘t your traditional, establishment candidate. He isn ‘t going to have all the “things ‘ that an establishment candidate comes with ‘like experience. The media likes to go on and on about how much experience Hillary Clinton has ‘experience being Secretary of State, experience in the Senate, experience in the White House itself ‘enough already. Just because Donald Trump never took the time to devote his life to public service we ‘re going to suddenly penalize him for that by reporting that he never took the time to devote his life to public service? Um, waiter, could I have my check please? Because this restaurant STINKS of liberal bias.

Another notch on the ole media ‘s bedpost (because rigging elections is like sex for those horny, sloppy little newshounds) is the REAMING of Trump for his well-documented comments about women. Just because he treats women like his own stable of high-end sex dolls (as proven through his words and actions) we ‘re somehow supposed to believe it? Hello, Hillary Clinton ‘s HUSBAND, Bill Clinton, also had sex scandals. Yet somehow the media can get away with not covering those because they already did and also he ‘s not running for president? Wow. Do you see the hypocrisy there?

Unfortunately, this bias isn ‘t just limited to the news. As Donald Trump himself tweeted, the popular television comedy show Saturday Night Live broke with their long-standing tradition of never making fun of presidential candidates and aired a sketch about the second debate. Hey SNL, why don ‘t you stick to what you do best: John Belushi and Gilly. Leave politics ALONE.

Look, I ‘m not for bias in any way ‘that ‘s why I ‘ll happily tell you that ALL lives matter. So yea, hit Trump every now CNN ‘but try to hit Hillary Clinton constantly every day as well. In the face, preferably.

I can ‘t tell you how disappointing it was to see every single cable news covering her Wikileaks email scandal, and then, if I watched them long enough, turn to covering the latest Donald Trump news. What kind of democracy is this if a presidential candidate can ‘t run their mouth without the media trying to “analyze ‘ it to see if it does in fact constitute “sexual assault ‘ or “race baiting ‘ or “anti-semitism ‘?

Enough with the rigging. Enough with the bias. Why the heck do we even have elections if only one person wins? Does that make sense to ANYONE? There ‘s nothing wrong with Donald Trump denouncing an election he will inevitably lose, because that ‘s what winners do. And winners beat riggers, every time. Except when they don ‘t because of the rigging. Then they lose. But it ‘s not really losing. You know what I ‘m saying.

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