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Reasons To Time Travel Other Than Killing Hitler

To not miss that UPS delivery.

To confront your bully by using that great comeback you thought of twenty years later.

To go to 2006 and tell Britney it ‘s all gonna be okay.

To make sure Tim Burton and Johnny Depp never meet.

To enjoy Eddie Murphy ‘s standup before it became offensive.

To prevent getting that Less Than Jake tattoo.

To give Hitler a heads up that he ‘s problematic.

To go to 2006 to tell Britney it ‘s still not going to be like 1998 ever again.

To avoid tripping on that stair just now.

To see if Dippin ‘ Dots really are the ice cream of the future.

To bet two hundred dollars on the North in the Civil War.

To go to 2006 and tell Kevin Federline he ‘ll be an irrelevant punchline in 2016.

To hurt Hitler.

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