By: Langan Kingsley

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Could A Cubs Win Solve Chicago’s Systemic Racism?

The Cubs could very well win their first world series since 1908 this year, finally breaking the franchise ‘s seemingly intractable curse. It ‘s apparent what that would mean to the people of Chicago, but what about the city of Chicago? Perhaps a World Series for the Cubs is exactly what the city needs to put an end to its longstanding institutional racism.

If a Cubs victory is a possibility, then maybe it ‘s also possible that victory would extend to the brutal legacy racism has left on its segregated streets. Perhaps seeing John Lackey throw strike after strike in an international championship would be just the motivation Rahm Emanuel needs to finally address unchecked police brutality.

Nothing would be more beautiful than watching Chicago sweep the series as a city of expectant fans watched, other than ensuring unarmed citizens of that same city aren ‘t shot by the police that, is! But if Chicagoans can get both at the same time? Wow. That ‘s an underdog story for the ages. If the Cubs are entering into a World Series as the FAVORED team, then truly anything is possible.

Sure, Chicago had it ‘s chance back when the White Sox won the world series in 2005. Unfortunately that didn ‘t seem to move the needle. But if the scrappy South Side Sox can ‘t affect city-wide change, maybe the pride of Wrigleyville can. Never doubt that a small, committed group of people can change the world. Or, in this case, a behemoth, slobbering drunk crowd of beer-filled monsters can change their city. Maybe.

Chicago ‘s known for a few things: perogies, deep-dish pizza, two-dollar beers, a losing baseball team, and racially-motivated housing policy. Hopefully, in a few games, the Cubs can strike the last two things off the list. Because there ‘s no worse look than a city of racist winners ‘just ask Boston!

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